Things to know about Google Classroom

5 Things to Know about Google Classroom for Teachers

Google Classroom is a very simple yet powerful Learning Management System (LMS) for teachers to adopt compared to others out there. Still, there are a few things a teacher should know and be careful about when using Google Classroom without knowing which, even a simple tool like this, can become very bothersome. Here are 5 important things a teacher should know about Google Classroom:

1. Do Not Select the Wrong Role

When you first log in to Google Classroom, it lets you select your role. There are two options for you to select: Teacher and Student. If you select “Student” as your Role being a teacher, you will only be able to join a class and the option to create class will not be available to you. There is no way, you alone can change the role if you picked the wrong one. However, if you are one of them who already selected the wrong role, do not worry much, your domain administrator can always help you reset your role. Still, it is better to select the right role if you want to avoid a lot of hassle for yourself and your domain administrator.

2. Do Not Delete Google Classroom Folder

When you join Google Classroom, it creates a folder in your Google Drive called Google Classroom. This folder is very important as it stores all other class folders that are auto-created whenever you create a new class and all the documents that you share or assign through those classes along with students’ works and submissions. It is highly recommended not to delete this obviously important folder from your Google Drive. In case you accidentally deleted the folder, quickly go to your trash option in Google Drive and restore it. If it gets deleted from your trash, it’s permanently deleted and you will have no option to recover the folder. Your domain administrator can recover permanently deleted files for a certain range of time which they have set. If even that time is over, the folder will be gone forever. You can manage the folder mostly from within Google Classroom. So, be very careful to handle this folder manually from Google Drive.

3. Do Not Delete Google Classroom Calendar

Similar to Google Classroom folder, a calendar is automatically created for each of your classes in Google Classroom. This calendar can also be visible in your Google Calendar. Like other Google Calendars, you will have the option to delete it but which as you can already guess, is not at all recommended. You will get two warnings before you delete the calendar but if it still gets deleted, there is no way you can recover the calendar and even the domain admin cannot help you here. The only way left for you is to create another class. Therefore, do not delete Google Classroom Calendar from your Google Calendar.

4. Know Where to Find Help

A teacher will need help from time to time even if the platform is very easy compared to other platforms. Google Classroom has an inbuilt help option that can guide you through almost everything you need to know about the platform with self-explanatory and easy to follow guidelines. To find this option click on the “?” mark icon located at the bottom left corner of the classroom screen and select the “Get help” option. Also, if that is not enough, you may select the “Ask a question” option to go to the Product Forum of G-Suites for Education and seek help from other users who use the platform. It’s a great community and you will most of the time find someone there to help you out.

5. You Can Submit Your Feedback, Suggestions, Feature Requests

Google Classroom is a platform that was designed by teachers for teachers. Even now Google continuously keeps listening to teachers and educators all around the world for improving the already intuitive platform.

In case you have feedback on an existing feature or a suggestion or would like to request a new feature to the platform click on the same “?” mark icon mentioned above and click on the “Send feedback” option from the menu. Let’s create a more flexible and powerful Google Classroom together!

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