About Me

Mr. Khondker Mohammad Shah – Al – Mamun is the owner of the Edtech Empire Blog. He is a technology enthusiast who also has long term professional experience as technology integration and process automation specialist. Working with a reputed university based in Bangladesh, he has grown a passion for education technologies. Mr. Mamun also directly worked in establishing a blended learning center under the university he works for and also on multiple education projects where he closely worked with teachers for student development. He is also a Google Certified Educator and Certified Microsoft Innovation Educator. He manages the Google Educator Groups (GEG Dhaka South) in Bangladesh.

Mr. Shah – Al – Mamun is always open to learning new things and keeps himself updated with new technologies and development especially in the education Industry. Personally he believes in continuous learning and helped a lot of people to develop this essential quality by mentoring and coaching. He is very fond of technologies, technology tools, games, reading, and writing blogs, browsing through different web sites and communities.