How to display Google Classroom Code in Full Screen

Google Classroom Code in Full Screen

Google Classroom always prioritizes the convenience of teachers and students. The main idea is to make the platform hassle-free so that teachers and students can put more concentration on teaching and learning. Google Classroom has a very easy student invitation option for teachers. Whenever a teacher creates a class in Google Classroom, it generates a unique code for the class. This code is called the Class Code but some may also refer it as Google Classroom Code.

Displaying the Google Classroom Code

Teachers could just send this code to students via email or write it on a board to invite the students. Students, having the Google Classroom Code, can just enter the code in Google Classroom to join the class instantly. Now teachers can share this code more conveniently if they have access to a projector or digital screen in the class.

In the Google Classroom, teachers can display their Class Code in full screen. To do it, the teacher must go to the Students tab of the class in Google Classroom. Just below the tabs, on the left side of the screen, the teacher can find the Class Code.

Then the teacher needs to click on the down arrow beside the Class Code to open a drop-down menu. From the menu, the teacher needs to select the Display option and it will pop up the Class Code on a large scale.

Finally, the teacher can click on the Full-Screen Icon on the popup display to make it full screen. With this, students in the class will be able to take note of the Class Code. Then, they can join instantly in the Google Classroom class. They also need access to a device and the internet during their class. This may not look like an update that can be hyped for but still, it is another level of convenience for those who seek it.

As a bonus, in the drop-down menu beside the code, you will find two great options: Reset and Disable. Reset lets you change the Class Code and Disable lets you completely disable the Class Code. This is when you wish to avoid unwanted students to get access. Similarly, you can completely shut down access to your class respectively.

Google Classroom Help

If you do not like how it works or want an additional feature that you think will make it even better, do not hesitate and send your feedback or suggestion directly to Google by clicking on the “?” mark icon at the bottom left corner of the screen and select send feedback option. Google seriously look into the feedback they receive from this option and continuously improve Google Classroom.

In the same menu, you can see two more options that you can use if you need help or have a query. First, there is Ask a question option which will take you to G-Suites for Education Product Forum. This is a place where expert users and Googlers roam around to help general users. Next is the Get help option which covers almost all the guidelines you might need, be it a specific feature or Google Classroom as a whole. Try it out! Besides that, feel free to leave a comment or query here, I will be sure to reply it back.

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