How to make explainer video with Mysimpleshow

Mysimpleshow: Great Explainer Video Maker

If you are a teacher, you need great content for your students to make them more engaged and for their better learning. However, you cannot just depend on other’s contents all the time. As a teacher, you will need your own content. Only text content will bore your students and will make them disengaged in the long run. Today’s students are very much accustomed to rich media. So, as content, you will require more than just texts. What if you could make your own explainer video that would explain a topic to your students using animation, clip arts, sound effects, and voiceover? That’s a lot of skills and works we are talking about but is it? Mysimpleshow explainer video maker may be the key!

How to Use Mysimpleshow?

Mysimpleshow is a great explainer video maker free online software that compresses all those skills and works to writing scripts. How? Well, you just write scripts of your contents and then you can use Mysimpleshow to convert that script to a great explainer video with auto picked clips, sound effects, animations, and voiceover. Here is what it looks like if I paste some of the contents of this blog post to Mysimpleshow. Let’s break down the process of how it works with step by step guidelines.

  1. Getting Started

    Go to and signup. You can do it with your Google account as well. Once you signed up and logged in, click on Create Your First Video.

  2. Make Your Choice

    You will have two options, writing your script or uploading a PowerPoint file. As we want to write only scripts, let’s select the script option.

  3. The Process

    You will see the whole process flow on the next screen at the top. It includes “Draft” (it is actually selecting the template), “Write” (which is writing your script), “Visualize” (modifying the clip arts and images), “Finalize” (completing the video).

  4. Templates

    First, you will see a lot of templates from where you can select the best that fits your requirements. If you are not sure which to select or do not find one that suits your needs, simply select the blank template.

  5. Write Script

    Now that you have selected your template, you will be given the option to write your script. If you have selected the blank template, you will have three sections for the title, the script, and the conclusion. You can write directly on this platform or you can copy from somewhere and paste the script here in the individual sections. Then, proceed to the next step.

  6. Decide Visuals

    Now you will be taken to the visualizing step. It will automatically pick keywords from your scripts that match its library and populate the screen with matched images. Blue highlighted words are what it could match and placed on the screen. Black words are matched but are not placed on the screen. You will find some gray words which did not match. from here you can even upload your own image in replacement of what already placed on the screen. Once you are done fixing everything here proceed to the next step.

  7. Adding Voiceover

    This is the final step before finalizing your video. Here you can select the voiceover and sound effect that you would like to place in your video. Free users will have only one voice over and sound effect but it is enough for your video. Then click on “Play video” to finalize your video.

  8. Finalizing

    After playing the video, you will be able to click on finalize to complete the process. It will take some time to generate your video and you will receive an email notification when your video is ready. Then you can publish and share your video. Well, it’s time for you to try it out. Have fun creating your own content for your students which your students will like for sure.

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