How to Rearrange Google Classroom Class Tiles

Google Classroom Class Tiles: How to Rearrange

Google Classroom is a great tool for teachers to create classes and manage them with very fewer efforts compared to other Learning Management Systems (LMS) out there. It comes with the slogan, “More teaching, less tech-ing”. With the option to move or rearrange Google Classroom Class Tiles, managing your classes becomes even more convenient.

Up until now, teachers could only archive and delete their classes. They did not have the option to rearrange their class tiles. For teachers who have a lot of classes, it was a challenge to find the classes from many others scattered around the Classroom home screen. From the day Google Classroom launched, teachers all around the world started requesting this feature. They flooded the product forum with questions and feedback on this. It took almost no time to become one of the most popular feature requests by the users. That time the only way to make the Classroom home screen clear was to archive the old classes. However, it was not enough as teachers also needed the option to set priorities among the visible classes and according to their needs.

The Recent update changed that! Now teachers can rearrange their created class tiles in Google Classroom in the following two ways:

1. Drag and Drop

By clicking and dragging the class tiles, you can easily position Google Classroom class tiles the way you would like it to be. For doing this, simply go to the Google Classroom home screen and click on the class you want to move and position it according to your needs.

2. Move Google Classroom Tiles From Menu

Teachers can also click on the class tile menu (represented by a three-dot button) then select Move option to pick the position for the class. If the teacher really has a lot of class, this option will be more suitable for them than drag and drop since they can directly pick a position for their classes with this option.

If you do not like how it works or want an additional feature that you think will make it even better, do not hesitate and send your feedback or suggestion directly to Google by clicking on the “?” mark icon at the bottom left corner of the screen and select send feedback option. Do you know, Google seriously looks into the feedback which they receive from this option and continuously improves Google Classroom.

Also, make use of the Ask a question and Get help option from the same menu. Ask a question that will take you to G-Suites for Education Product Forum from where you can seek help from expert users and Googlers in case you are not clear about something or have a query. Get help option will take you to some pre-built guidelines which will provide the solution for most of your queries and problems with a particular feature or Google Classroom as a whole. So, wait no more and try it out. You will surely like this feature. Happy Teaching!

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