How to use PowerPoint Morph without Subscription

Use PowerPoint Morph Without Subscription

PowerPoint has been always a powerful tool for teachers and students when it comes to present their ideas, lectures, projects and what not? PowerPoint is becoming stronger with passing days. The option to add different background images, adding different shapes and smart shapes, inserting text, word arts, images, links, and videos, adding different animation effects, transitions effects, sound effects and even the option to record your voice narration has made it a really dynamic tool. If it is used utilizing all these options to the fullest, teachers can even make a fully interactive lesson using PowerPoint. PowerPoint Morph can add more value.

What is PowerPoint Morph?

Microsoft introduced a completely new transition effect to PowerPoint called Morph. While Morph is only a transition effect between two slides, it lets the users create effects that would be really hard to make with normal animation effects very easily. Not only that, it will make it looks like a smooth video when you change between slides because the animations blend so well.

PowerPoint Morph Variations

Morph has three variations to it. It can be for shapes, it can be for words, it can be for characters. You can see an example of it here. Now that you know what Morph transition effects can do, questions may arise, how to use it. Well, it’s pretty easy and you can find a lot of videos on YouTube that show how to use Morph in PowerPoint. So I will skip it here.

How to get?

Now here is a fact… Morph is only available for those with Office 365 subscriptions and for Office 2019. It is a very powerful transition and opens a lot of possibilities for teachers and students to make their PowerPoint presentations stunning. So, I would suggest subscribing to Office 365 or get Office 2019 if you really like it. I can assure that it is not something you will regret. So go ahead. However, if you want to first try it out before you wish to subscribe, there is a way you can use the Morph transition effect without subscribing to Office 365 or having Office 2019.

The secret is to get a presentation deck with morph transitions applied to the slides from someone who has the subscription. Then you can just duplicate those slides and completely replace the contents and elements of the contents and elements you would like to put in it.

As transition effects only apply to slides, it doesn’t matter what content you use. It will blend those slides creating amazing effects. For those who are not Office 365 subscribers, the transition effects will be shown grayed out just like the images below:

So you can use it duplicating other’s slide that already has the effect but cannot use it on a completely new presentation without having the Office 365 subscription or Office 2019. Therefore, it is better to have a subscription. For trying out what it offers, you can download a presentation deck I created below:

Click here to download.

How to use the downloaded File?

Once you have downloaded the above file, notice that there are only two slides. One for the text morph effect and the next is for shape morph effect. The slides as it is there in the deck will not work. To make it work, first, create a new PowerPoint file then duplicate the effect-slide that you wish to use and paste it in the new file.

Final Words

Remember that, it is a transition effect. So, use the slide with effect after another slide to create the blending feel. For example, you have placed a square shape in the first slide. Then paste the shape morph slide from my file to your file as the second slide. Finally, modify it to be a rectangle. Now if you present it from the first slide, you will see a nice transformation effect where the square becomes a rectangle. I hope it makes sense, and if not, leave a comment. I will be sure to reply to it.

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